How EcoBio-Block was born

Imitating the perfect ecosystem in nature, where water is purified in the cycle that takes it from mountains to rivers to ocean and back again

EcoBio-Block replicates the natural purifying mechanism of nature, which has been impacted by pollution
In nature, microorganisms live in much the same way as other living creatures. They can co-exist in mutual dependency, be in competition or be at some part of the food chain. The delicate natural balance must be maintained so that no species can overwhelm the ecological system.Aerobic bacteria, which grow in mulch made from leaves in the heart of mountains, flow into small streams and eventually reach the ocean. During this process, they treat excess putrefactive bacteria. Today, this natural system has been negatively impacted to some extent, for a variety of reasons. EcoBio-Block was created to return things to their natural state. EcoBio-block uses nature's natural purification process to renew and revitalize the environment.

  •        Forests

  •        Streams

  •    Dams, Rivers, Lakes

  •        Ocean
The natural cleansing system for pesticides, fertilizers, waste water, household waste water and industrial waste water that uses this aerobic bacteria, grown in the mulch of leaves from the heart of mountains is gradually being disrupted. EBB supports the water cleansing mechanism.