Example of EcoBio-Block installation at Setaka Central Park Waterway

Test site : Setaka Central Park water channel, Miyama City, Fukuoka- Miyama City Urban Planning Section

    Construction procedure
  • Before the installation remove sludge and clean
  • Start set-up
  • Coupling Installation model of EBB1020
  • Finished set-up of EBB EBB placement at 10m intervals (refer to Figure 1)
  • Start operation
  • Stainless steel L angles are used as edging (refer to Figure 2)
Figure 1: Set up EBB at 10m intervals

Figure 2
EBB wave structure is designed according to hydrodynamics, so that it is not easy for mud to accumulate, but easy for effective bacteria to multiply.

Comparison test after EcoBio-Block installation

The scope of application is limitless・The most advanced water purification 

Obvious results of biological treatment effect using EBB power.

  •   Before installation

  •  60 days after installation

Used EBB oct - 2000 pieces and EBB200 - 1000 pieces

  •       Before

  •       After
Before the installation at Fukuoka City
Rakusuien pond.

After the installation
(7 days after placement of EBB nsM)
EBB nsM can also be used as the base layer.

Potential of EBB for breeding pond of Nishikigoi (“Brocaded Carp”)

No more stench, the water is clean! omments by a carp breeder in Sakuraoujidai, Chiba
20 blocks per each ton were added to the carp breeding ponds

In my 10 ton breeding pond, 18 carp measuring 50-70 cm were being bred. Spring water was circulated between the tank and two small stone compartments. However I felt there was insufficient air supply and thought that installation of a 1 ton container tank with oyster shells would compensate.

However, feed was not properly given this year and due to poor water quality, the carp developed a yellowish appearance by the beginning of August. There was a strong foul odor and impurities were found in the filter equipment. At this time, I happened to obtain ECOBIO-BLOCK and added 20 blocks to the 1 ton container tank.

Within 1 week, the foul odor was eliminated and the carp appeared whiter as the water cleared. Feces was not accumulating, so I decided to continue use.

Construction of seaweed bed by EBB

 Site :Amami-Cho, Oshima-Gun,Kagoshima
 Installation Type :Activation of a fishery business in Amami
 Installation Period :April 2001 to March 2004
 Amount of EBB :18 pcs (EBB100) 10 pcs (flowerbed type)
 Implemented by :Kagoshima Fisheries Experiment Station
  Algae grows on EBB, but not on the base concrete.
  Comparison between EBB and normal block

  ( 5cm to 10cm of sea grape grows on EBB )

  Confirmation of features of the EBBmicrobe.
  Nutrients in the seawater were broken down by
  EBB for better